Welcome to Socofrades

The Socofrades LDA with the building permit - (INCI) No 51210 - Class 4 is a construction company, which invests in the promotion, construction and sale of real estate, housing and commerce, rehabilitation and refurbishment of buildings for over 25 years , with several quality awards, including a villa in the top 50 the most efficient home Portugal sold to EXM: Srº Luis Miguel Mesquita Sales Henrique avelar -Barrio -Alcobaça.

Some of the services offered by Socofrades
> Capoto-insulation thermal and acoustic
> Sale of real estate
> Building
> Interior and exterior painting
> Evaluation works and proposals
> Repair of facades with cracking or saltpeter
> Aluminum frames with thermal, wood or PVC
> Installation of solar panels and photovoltaic
House T4 Valado dos Frades - Rua dos Vales

House completed and sold in 2015

Main Services

The Socofrades Lda in their evolutionary process as construction company has diversified its range being possible to say today that feels comfortable to perform any work in the field of construction. The services currently offered by the Socofrades range from a simple real estate sale painting developed fully by the company.
Cappoto-thermal and acoustic Isolation
Real estate for sale
Civil construction
Interior and exterior paints